Maximizing ROI with

Ripcord is a complete revenue enablement suite that will streamline your entire lead to win funnel.

Maximizing ROI with

The platform is the next generation sales automation software. But it goes further than that, it is a complete revenue enablement suite which can streamline your lead to win funnel and align teams from marketing, to sales, to onboarding, and customer success.

Cost Reduction and Tech Consolidation

The platform sports all of the same functionality as other sales enablement tools - combined into one platform!

For example, prospects can book demos straight from your website and leads are auto-routed to sales (just like Chilipiper), sales reps can record and transcribe sales demos (same as Gong), the automation suite will nurture leads (Hubspot & Outreach), and the Smart CRM scores the hottest leads and serves as the single source of truth (SalesForce).

This is where the first aspect of maximizing ROI with Ripcord comes into play. Part of maximizing ROI is lowering costs. And the platform will lower your costs right out the starting gate by helping you to consolidate your tech stack and get rid of multiple disjointed sales and revenue enablement tools.

Automation = ROI

Ripcord's Marketing Automation Suite enhances various facets of the sales (and marketing) process through automation, which in turn boosts ROI due to efficiency and resource cost reduction. Here are some automations that the Ripcord platform provides:

Smart Scheduling

One of the key strengths of Ripcord is its intelligent lead qualification system. With a few lines of code, add the perfect calendar booking widget to your forms. Ripcord then automates lead demo scheduling by allowing prospects to self-qualify themselves right after the form fill (and choosing a time to speak with a sales rep that suits them best). The lead routing feature then allows for custom rules (based off any field value), which can route the lead directly to the appropriate sales rep's calendar and kick-off a series of automations.

Landing Pages

Each sales rep gets their own shareable landing page accessible through a short and easy vanity URL. It's kind of like an online business card complete with form capture.

Lead Nurturing

Features like automated reminders, sequences, post-demo CTAs, and personalized follow-ups via email and text ensure that prospects continue to move down the sales funnel and receive a tailored customer experience every step of the way.

Smart CRM

Ripcord's AI-powered Smart CRM is like none other. The Smart CRM can house a multitude of data record types (such as contacts, leads, opportunities, products, and accounts), it can integrate with virtually any database, software system, or BI tool. It can utilize AI to auto add/edit records, mine insights, and implement workflows. All this capability empowers your sales team to do what they do best - sell deals!

Dynamic Scoring

Ripcord dynamically segments and scores leads based on who they are, their behavior, and their interests, allowing for more targeted and personalized sales and marketing efforts. Sales reps can wake up to a list of their hottest opportunities ready to go!

Data-Automation significantly reduces the administrative burden on sales teams by automating data entry (such as deal statuses, missed demos, signed contracts, and other events that can be tied to triggers). Ripcord integrates seamlessly with various data sources to automatically populate customer and prospect records within its Smart CRM, ensuring data accuracy and freeing up time for sales reps.

Live Coaching for Revenue Wins

Ripcord offers sales leaders the opportunity to coach and empower their teams with a suite of Live Coaching functionality, powered by AI. Live Coaching allows teams to ramp new hires quickly, enable existing team members to improve their craft, and boosts overall team performance. Equipping sales teams with the understanding they need to tackle the market is essential to driving revenue and maximizing ROI.


Ripcord records demos automatically. Sales reps can watch and learn from their own demos, or the demos of other reps. Sales leaders can also watch demos and coach their reps on key conversational opportunities.

AI Transcribing

The AI-transcribing feature of Ripcord is very powerful in that it enables sales reps and their leaders to review any verbal conversation as written text. The AI-transcriber can then search for any moment in the conversation based on keywords or sentiment. Automation rules can be put in place based on conversation outcomes, findings, keywords, or sentiment.

Live Coaching

Ripcord offers sales reps and leaders the ability to view demos as they happen live. This empowers leaders to jump in whenever they are needed. It also empowers reps to request a leader to jump in whenever they are needed.

Ultimate Visibility

Access to accurate, comprehensive, deep data is the key to success for any sales team. Data illuminates gaps, highlights opportunities, and empowers sales teams to focus on what works. This, in turn, increases conversions and revenue.

Single Source of Truth

Firstly, the Ripcord platform serves as your entire organization's source for data. It can house all data for sales, marketing, onboarding, and customer success. The data is further automatically enriched from third-party sources, the objects can be connected to each other through key fields, and the platform's algorithm appends channel source data to all leads. All sales rep can access this data and have confidence that there is alignment with adjacent business units.

Reporting and Analytics

The Ripcord Analytics Suite leverages raw data to provide a reporting interface empowering sales reps to drill into details such as prospect behavior data, source data, and other sales activities. Reps can quickly see if certain channels produce leads that move more quickly through the funnel than others, if certain activities increase conversion rates, or if certain target segments produce more revenue per lead than others.


The Ripcord Analytics Suite additionally empowers sales teams with real-time leaderboards. Leaderboards show how much revenue each rep is bringing in each month (as well as their progress to goal). This helps create friendly competition and encourages reps to do their best.


No more surprises! With pipeline visibility sales leaders have a better pulse on when opportunities are projected to close. Pipeline visibility is powered by various customizable factors such as demo sentiment, # of demos, prospect behavior, deal size, channel source, prospect title, etc.

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